Staged Reading
Oct 19, 2019, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
EBT 3 at Shakespeare & Company,
70 Kemble St, Lenox, MA 01240, USA



Our premiere performance of You Are Not Alone happened in Spring of 2019 at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Housatonic, MA. We set up a seating area 3/4s in the round with lights and sound in this intimate space, and performed 6 completely sold-out shows for the community of Housie.

One audience member said: "I was so taken, time and again at the close of each scene, with the poignancy and urgency of each story as it folded into the next. How each characters’ journey to just stay standing on their own two feet held such relatability that I sometimes forgot their common affliction. Yes, of course, I knew what the play had been written about, and that it centered on addiction, but to me what bled through the most from the stories was just the struggle to keep on keeping-on as a human. The beautifully arranged music, the choices in movement and dance, the transitions both between narratives and the passage of time…all woven together so well it was striking. For me, the show was a powerful experience about the web of our lives and how often we can get things so tangled. And how the very best thing we can do for each other, and ourselves, is to love. Because we’re all in this together."